Episode Catch Up

Season 2

Episode 1 - on air October 19 2015 Includes Greek supergroup VEGAS, Greek Film Festival film review, Baklava cigars with chocolate chips, why we light candles in church and Greek car designer facts.

Episode 3 - on air November 2 2015

This week includes Sardela ( Sardine ) festival at Mytilenean Brotherhood in Sydney, Greek Film Festival launch, Halva with Blueberry compost, the life of Aliki Vouyouklaki and Did you know they were Greek

Episode 4 - on air November 9 2015

This week includes actress Tina Andrews form film - Alvin's Harmonious world of opposites, Victorian High Court judge Emilios Kyrou, Institute of Hellenic Dance and Culture, The Sirens from Greek Mythology, Did you know they were Greek Facts and Pork Afelia in Helen's Kouzina.

Episode 5 - on air November 16 2015


This week includes Being Greek Festival, Colossus of Rhodes , DJ Krazy Kon, Blue Stage Theatre Group, Olive Bread with a twist in Helen's Kouzina, and Glitz and Goss with Stavroula

Episode 6 - on air November 23 2015


This week includes This week includes , Greco Flamenco, 2015 Student Greek Film Festival, Did you know - George Barris, Cooking - Kataifi Ekme , Music news with DJ Krazy Kon and Glitz and Goss with Stavroula

Episode 7 - on air November 30 2015


This week includes Commonwealth Games Winner George Vasiliades, Pix Lax in 3 minutes or less, Did you know Greek Shipping, Cypriot Delicacy Sheftalies in 30 minutes or less

Episode 8 - on air December 7 2015


This week includes Kostas Kalimeris from Black Rock Studios, UTS Hellenic 35 year anniversary ball, St Nicholas and hanging stockings by the fire, Yiannaki shows us how to make cool baubles for the Christmas tree, DJ Krazy Kon with the music news, Helen puts a twist on the humble flaouna and Stavroula with the Glitz and Goss