Episode Catch Up

Season 4


Meraki TV is Greek Australia's TV Show. Featuring music, news, interviews, culture, history, KIDS, gossip, comedy and of course Food! Episode 1 includes: Glykeria, DJ Krazy Kon's music news, Yiannaki and Sofia in the kids corner, Stavroula with the Glitz and Goss, Comedy from Blue Stage Theatre, and Highlights from the Greek Festival of Sydney


On this episode: Thanasis Vasilakos , George Ferocious Kambosos, Helen makes Crème Caramel, Themi does science in the kids corner, DJ Krazy Kon with the music news, Blue Stage Theatre "the soup" skit and Did You Know Ancient Greek Astronomers


On this episode: Vasilios Aligiannis from Vimata , Stavroula interviews young songstress Yianna Nicholas, Helen makes Zucchini Fritters, Kiri does braiding in the kids corner, DJ Krazy Kon with the top 10 tracks in Greece right now, the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus & Eurydice and Did You Know Greek Trade


This week features George Ellis, Xylouris White, Stavroula gives the best places to party in Mykonos, Jeremiah makes Oreo cookies in the kids corner, Helen give the perfect recipe for left over Red Easter eggs, Did You Know Greek population facts, and Blue Stage Theatre with funny skits.


Features: KNOCKOUT!, Dennis Val from Love Child, Highlights from A Taste of Lesvos Expo, Merae makes Greek Pom Poms in the Kids Corner, Helen makes kourabiethes with a Reece's Peanut Butter twist and Did You Know Famous Quotes about Greeks in WWII


Tonight's episode features Billy Cotsis interviewing Captain Kasimatis of the EVZONES! Noula Diamantopoulos talks about PANIC, Helen Demetriou whips up a decadent surprise - Maria Hohlastou gets a sneak peak of Blue Stage Theatre's new production MOLIS HORISA, Did you know - Greece's first capital, the kids go to Pagoto Gelato & Waffle House and music from Tasoulla Kallenou!


Meraki TV is Greek Australia's TV Show. This Episode features; Soccer legend Peter Katholos, Nicolaos Demourtzidis and his ISTORIA documentary, Stavroula's Stathis Psaltis tribute, Themi and his volcano experiment, Helen makes yiayia's pastitsio and Blue Stage Theatre skit " The Watch "


Maria Hohlastou interviews Pastry Chef extraordinare George Diakomichalis, Stavroula interviews the voice - Maria Stavropoulou, DJ Krazy Kon with the top Greek tracks, Helen Demetriou makes a carb free meal for champions, Demitra Alexandria with the Whats On! the legend of Pygmalion and George Fokas with a wealth tip.


Demitra Alexandria talks to Greek Aussie actress extraordinaire Andrea Demetriades, Yianna Carpis goes to the CUGA CRUISE 2017, Helen Demetriou makes tiropites to die for! Stavroula Glitz&Goss, Greek Stage Theatre skits + Did You Know !!!


The Greeklish Project, Maria Hohlastou interviews up and coming Greek Girl Group Μορφές/Morfes, Yiannaki in the kids corner, Did You Know, Stavroula Glitz&Goss and Demitra Alexandria with the Whats On!


Featuring George Fokas, Irene and Theo with their new single, Merae makes lip gloss in the kids corner, the myth of Narcissus, and Helen makes to die for Custard Pull Apart


Featuring Billy Cotsis and his new book, Stavroula talk to Maria Zournazi about her documentary DOGS OF DEMOCRACY, DJ Krazy Kon with the music news, Kiri makes fluffy slime, Helen makes halloumi crumbed lamb chops, Did you know and the Whats on with Demitra Sealy


Featuring: Lesvos Earthquake Fundraiser, KJ Krazy Kon's Top Greek Tracks for the month of June, Stavroula with the Glitz & Goss, Jeremiah makes chocolate lava cakes in the Kids Corner, Did You Know, Helen makes winter warmer - Lentil Soup


Featuring Elias Vrettos, Greek Film Festival Launch, Greek Film Reviews by Stavroula, Helen makes Lemon Chicken, the kids play Kremala, Whats On with Demitra, Music News with DJ KrazyKon and funny skits with Greek Stage Theatre.


Special guests: Chris Zan Batist-Χρηστος Ζαν Μπατιστ & Bec Watene. Helen Demetriou makes lentil & halloumi salad, the kids play stik bots, DJ Krazy Kon with the music news, Greek Stage Theatre funny skits & Demitra Alexandria with the Whats On!!!


Featuring: Actor Lex Marinos, George Doukas & John Manis from Tim Products, Did You Know - Greek Language in Australia, Whats On with Demitra Sealy, the kids go to Thessaloniki Sydney & Noula Diamontopoulos' event on mindfulness & mixed media & Stavroula interviews George Stephanopoulos about his new movie "Swing Away"


Featuring: Themis Kallos & Anna Cominos, Themi makes a cloud in a jar in the Kids Corner, Helen makes a jam tart, Noula Diamantopoulos, Whats on with Demitra Sealy, Greek Stage Theatre funny skits and Tommy Tsonis UNplugged


Featuring Maria Hohlastou as guest host, Vasilis Vasillas, Kostas Vertsayias, Violetta Ntagalou, Viki Nasiou, Lefteraki, Vaso, Asteria Live, Aegean Quartet, Greek Stage Theatre, Helen makes Baklava Ice Cream and the kids put their entry into the Kids Christmas Comp!


Konstantino Koufos, Chef Baxevanis new endeavour with the Hellenic Club Canberra - Orexi,Greek Film Festival Review, Stavroula visits the Poet Sandal Maker in Athens, Nikita Ellenis, Noula Diamantopoulos on kindness, Did You Know - Olympic Games, Greek Film Festival Review, Helen makes Rizoyalo


Featuring: Greek Australian ARTIST Stephen Caldis, John Manis, Helen Demetriou whips up TOURLOUMBES, Stavroula Glitz&Goss with the juciest stories of the week, Greek Stage Theatre with the world's most unlikeliest thief and Noula Diamantopoulos shows us mindfulness - YIAYIA STYLE


Including Special Guests; George Fokas, Kathy Kaf & Eleni Elefterias, the kids do the CHIP CHALLENGE and Helen Demetriou makes LEMON RICE!


The 2017 Season finale of Meraki.tv brought you by George Fokas of Fokas Beyond ! * Bouzouksi extraordinaire Chris Olympios, * The Health Tourism Greece highlights, * The winners of the M&J Chickens Kids Christmas Competition, * Helen Demetriou with the perfect summer beverages, * Noula Diamantopoulos talks internal wars, * Demitra Alexandria with the Whats On * the winners of the T.I.M Products private cooking class competition and Zorbas Kefi go UNPLUGGED!!!!