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12th October

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Celebrating BEING GREEK Aussie Style!


The TV show for all Greeks living in Australia. Especially 2nd / 3rd / 4th gens who have found no matter how much they love being AUSSIE, they can't help the MERAKI, the feeling deep down in their soul, the longing, for their Greek Culture.

Music, Current Affairs, Lifestyle, News, Interviews, History, Gossip, Kids, Docos, Philosophy, Art, Travel, Food and LOTS OF LOVE!

Airing on Foxtel's Aurora Ch 173 Monday nights @ 7pm

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Demitra Sealy is an award-winning actor, filmmaker, script doctor and the proud host of Meraki TV! Demitra has come up through Meraki TV and loves it! From starting as a talent interviewer, to then producing her own "Whats On" entertainment segment, to then hosting to the current season, she is very proud of her work with Meraki TV!

Her latest acting credits include feature films; THE DEBT COLLECTOR 2 ( Netflix Release ) with fellow Greek Australian Louise Mandylor, FAST AND FURIOUS 9 and short film EUPHORIA which she starred in, directed, co-DOP'd and edited to the success of being nominated for the Horizon Award at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. Demitra completed a BFA at the Australian Academy of Dramatic Arts ( AIM-DA ) and has further training from the Actors Studio NYC, The Bell Shakespeare Company, Playwriting Australia, NIDA  and the Upright Citizens Brigade. To keep up with her fun creative adventure follow her on Instagram

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Ana Sevo has extensive experience in a myriad of different facets of entertainment. She started out singing cabaret & in duos and dance cover bands before finding her true love. Greek Laiko.

On the road to her discovery she also dabbled in short films, musical theatre, and MC'ing weddings and events.

Ana started MERAKI TV because she felt the need to unite all who shared HER Meraki. 

"I wanted to showcase the positives of being Greek. The things that make us proud. In a way that only someone who lives and experiences the two different cultures can understand. 

Greeks living outside of  Greece have a very different experience. It's time we embraced it and each other and stop sending mixed signals to our subsequent generations. We're not confused or embarrassed about who we are. We're loud and proud! We're Greek - Aussie Style! "




Raised in Australia, but spending most of her life in Greece. Maria understands exactly what it means to be "Greek, Aussie Style". Her passion and understanding of the Greeks during both the crisis and happier times, leaves you feeling proud and honoured to be a part of such a beautiful culture. Maria gives an uncredibly unique perspective and understanding of the Greek viewpoint. She epitomises the great struggle we all have between being Greek and being Australian. 



The name Krazy Kon is synonymus with playing, producing and promoting Greek music & nightlife. His brand is known around the world having headlined clubs & festivals nationally and internationally.  And his iconic ‘GREECE’ CD series has shaped the Greek music we listen to today.

He is an an innovator, a creator, a legend who has been at the top of his industry for 20 years now and in this time has built an entertainment empire and created a legacy.


Krazy Kon brings his experience and expert knowledge to Meraki tv's Music News.

Latest hits, shows and releases....



George grew up in a home where family gatherings were a normal part of his everyday life. Fourth generation patisserie chef, George is a proud Australian who is equally proud of his Greek heritage. In 1995 George completed his chefs training back in his family's homeland of Kalymnos, Greece. Kalymnos is where he learnt the art of Greek patisserie from  his Grandfather and Uncles at the family's Vouros Patisserie.

Founded in 1918 by George's great grandfather Mihali, after years of working in Russia & France. George returned to Adelaide and started his multi award winning business KALYMNOS PASTRIES.

Apart from heading his proud family business in Adelaide George also presents at many food & Greek Festivals around Australia. He steps into different 5 star hotels around Asia and heads their kitchens, promoting Greek culture and our traditional Greek dishes. His larger than life personality lends itself to presenting on a number of television shows and hosts his very own ITS ALL GREEK TO ME!

He also visits Kalymnos, Greece annually where he hosts groups of food and cultural enthusiasts on  Annual Food and Hospitality tours. Teaching how to cook, drink, eat, dance and live like a Greek!

This season as well as bringing us love and wholesomeness into our kitchens, he brings us his souz Chef, Anna. Showing the next generation, all the love and fun and taste that tradition can have!


Billy Cotsis was born in Sydney to parents from the island of Lesvos, in 1977. Having spent almost a year of his childhood in Greece. Upon entering university in 1995, he joined the well-organised and active Greek club, Macquarie University Greek Association. He spent four years learning about his own culture before making his way to Greece, again, in 1999. The love affair with Greece was instant. From that time onward he has spent most of his spare time researching his own Greek roots from Asia Minor and Lesvos as well as becoming fascinated with the remnants of Greek settlements in countries outside of Greece. At last count, he had made his way to almost 60 countries and 80 Greek nisia.

A prolific writer, with over 250 of his articles appearing in Greek media in various countries.

Since 2012, he has written 17 short film and documentary projects, contributes to a blog, which features all of his history articles and has written or been involved with six book titles.

His new documentary is a Magna Graecia series and his next book is 1453, a fiction set in Constantinople.

Book titles

When Aussie Music Roared 2021 ***1453: Constantinople & the Immortal Rulers or there are no dogs here 2020 *** Once upon a time in Crystal Palace *** Heart, football and life under Brexit: a fiction told by a Greek Aussie 2019 *** Fairwater Foodies Cookbook, Frasers Property Australia, editor/coordinator, contributor 2018

From Pyrrhus to Cyprus Forgotten and Remembered Hellenic Kingdoms, Territories, Entities & a Fiefdom 2017 * The Many Faces of Hellenic Culture 2016

*Most of these can be found on Amazon or the Greek Bilingual Bookshop


Tekno 2021

Magna Graecia: a visit to the Greko of Reggio 2021***Fabio's Tale of Olives 2020
Magna Graecia: the Greko of Calabria 2020***GRASSROOTS 2019
Magna Graecia: the Griko of Apulia 2019 ***An Olive Tale I&II: a journey through Italy and Greece 2019***An Olive Tale in Apulia short film 2018***Mykonos: the other side 2018
Bromance: Zorba gets a Girlfriend 2016***Lesvos: fall in Love 2015***The Draconian Decision of the German Drachma 1 2015 ***The Draconian Decision of the German Drachma 2 2014***Brutus vs Caesar: Winner takes London 2014***Leadership 2014
***Zorba goes to Sydney 2013***
A Sandhurst Fine Foods project


YouTube Channel: Billy Wood

A Manchester United and Canterbury Bulldogs fan


Yianna, 3rd generation Greek Australian, epitomises what it means to be a Helene of the diaspora. Fully embedded in both cultures she accepts both without ever considering foregoing the other. On Meraki, she brings us the news and gossip of our favourite music and TV stars. What's life without a little bit of Kotsombolio!

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Noula has developed her talents from a varied background - from a 20 year career in the corporate world to now a 20 year career in the arts. She is an artist, a writer and a psychotherapist. And what she does is curious and at times quirky as she bundles up positive psychology, ancient wisdom, humour and creativity and shows you how you can create a wonderous life by accessing your imagination and of course using it. 

Noula will be bringing art project to inspire you and your creative spirit as well as personal growth vignettes - sharing her insights on current personal development topics and perhaps to even nudge you a little to get out of your own way - Greek Style - Opa!



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Helen is no stranger to TV having featured on MY KITCHEN RULES on gone on to present food and recipes on various programs from there.

Helen knows how hard it can be, preparing great meals in a vary limited time frame. That's why she gives us the secrets to szooshing up a meal filled with love and goodness in less than 30 Minutes!



Yiannaki, Sofia, Konstantina & Jamie!

The future of Hellenism in Australia is more than safe is these guys are anything to go on. They're proud and feisty and full of joy for their Greek heritage and the KEFI and MERAKI that it brings!